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Athens:  History and Civilization

Athens is the historical capital of Europe, homeland of values of universal significance such as democracy, political thought, philosophy and many other expressions of human intelligence. Athens with its long fascinating history, dates from the first settlement in the Neolithic age. Over the centuries its historical and cultural heritage is priceless and unique all over the world.  Athens is the capital of Greece with a population of about five million people and an important political, social, cultural and economic center in the Balkans and Southeast Europe. Athens is a magnificent and pulsing metropolis.

As an indisputable center of civilization and culture, Athens is the place that a positive and constructive dialogue on copyright and reproduction rights will be fully developed during the upcoming IFRRO World Congress, in October 2018.




Athens’ public transport is a modern system able to serve the needs of residents and visitors. It consists of:

– City buses

– Electric trolley-buses

– Athens Metro

– Athens Tram, and

– Athens Suburban railway.

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Athens Transport Tickets and Cards

There are 3 new types of tickets:

– The Ath.ena Ticket

– The personalized Ath.ena Card

– The anonymous Ath.ena Card

All types can be used for transporting on railways and buses in Athens.

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Tourist information

More and more travellers are choosing Athens for their leisure and business travel all year round. There are several reasons, Athens offers a variety of things to see and to do, most of the time, under favorable weather conditions. Athens is considered one of Europe’s safest capitals, its transportation network is user-friendly. There are numerous museums and archeological sites and hundreds of restaurants to satisfy every taste.

Surrounded by a lining of stunning seas and mountains, Athens is filled with gems just waiting to be discovered. Located at the crossroads of three continents, the capital of Greece with an overall population of close to five million has often been the hub of many cultures. Characterized by a culture and people that are welcoming and hospitable, every visitor just feels at home.

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